Listen to me. Look into my eyes. Talk to me. Come closer. Enter my world. Do you understand me now?

We explored how an audiovisual installation, based on the notion that the illusion of having face-to-face contact with a person, generates an intimate and immediate emotional connection. Visitors set out on a virtual journey into the world of the Roma and actively participate in it by learning Romanes.

The circle-shaped visual space creates a reality in which the perception of personal contact is made possible. The installation combines the influencing mechanisms of visual spaces and language, and operates with an innovative digital reality. The images on the screens are of flesh-and-blood Romani children recorded by the Romedia Foundation, as well as short parts of the visual world of Romedia’s Mundi Romani – the World through Roma Eyes traveling documentary series, shot in 28 countries worldwide.

The experience brings the participant closer to an unknown world where the messages heard and seen make him/her an integral part of the reality appearing on the screens around him/her, and in which the participating visitor can also see himself/herself. The spoken words and the enveloping circle bring the participant closer to the closed-off world of Romani cultural values. In the end, the visitor also speaks words in Romanes in a virtual reality where he/she can immerse himself/herself if curious enough.