Katalin Bársony – Executive Director

Sociologist, director, curator of the RomArchive Film Section.

Katalin Bársony is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and executive director of the Romedia Foundation. She also heads BAXT Films, a company which creates films, social media campaigns and other tools to promote Roma self-representation.

She is currently working on two feature-length documentary films: “3 Brothers” tells the story of a German Roma family torn apart by forced ‘repatriation’ to Kosovo. The film is in post-production. “Jazz Way Out,” a co-production with HBO Europe which started work in 2015, follows a Roma composer and pianist who has created a new style of music fusing traditional rhythms with contemporary jazz. “Jazz Way Out” will be released in 2019. 

Elemér Sánta – Financial Office & Managing Director

Economist, production manager, technical supervisor and financial manager of the RomArchive Film Section.

Elemér Sánta studied economics at the Budapest Gazdasági Egyetem and communication and media studies at Zsigmond Király Egyetem. He started working at Romedia Foundation in 2011, and has been the financial and programme manager there since then, a role which involves responsibility for tasks such as financial planning, fiscal coordination, administrative coordination and project management. In addition, he has been a chief financial officer and line producer at Baxt Films since 2013, and during shoots he also works as a line producer, cameraman, technical supervisor and production manager.


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