Trapped: the Forgotten Story of the Mitrovica Roma

Mitrovica, an ethnically divided town in northern Kosovo was the sparking point of many Balkan wars. The town is also the scene of the gravest public health disaster in modern Europe where hundreds of Roma have been trapped for nine years in refugee camps, next to a toxic slagheap of 100 million tons. Trapped between the fires of Albanian and Serbian nationalists and ignored by international organizations, the Roma remain the forgotten people of the newest country of Europe.

Lashi Vita

This episode of the documentary series follows the shocking story of Roma in Italy, where the murder of an Italian woman by a Romani immigrant sparked an unprecedented wave of anti-Roma hate speech, xenophobic policies and racially motivated violence. This film, shot in one of the oldest and largest democracies in the EU, raises serious questions about the strength of Europe’s commitment to democracy, rule of law and protection of human right.

Granada The Maya Family

In this episode, Mundi Romani travels to Granada in Andalusia, Spain, to discover the amazing world of the Gitanos and the little-known history of flamenco through the exceptional story of the Maya family. This documentary is the last film shot of the world’s most innovative and influential flamenco dancer, Mario Maya.


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