In our films, we tell stories that you’ve never heard. We take you to places where you have never been. We show you human lives that touch your heart and challenge your preconceptions. Who are the Roma people? What is it like to be Roma? Is there such thing as Roma destiny? Open your heart and listen, because we will show you.  Join us and get to know us!


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Stereotypes abound when there is a distance. And it is fear which creates distance. That’s why we use creatively the most up-to-date digital filming technologies, we achieve groundbreaking quality in video production and offer a fresh approach to the way minorities are represented. More about our documentaries here

Mundi Romani – The World Through Roma Eyes

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See the world through the eyes of the Roma!

Get to know the award-winning documentary series produced by Romedia Foundation between 2007 and 2011.

Art Projects – Talking Circle


History of a series of events (concert, film festival, exhibition and digital exhibition) organized in 2012 that offered special experiences. Get the details here!

Art Projects – Requiem for Auschwitz


An audiovisual installation that lets you enter an unknown world: the world of the Roma.

Art Projects – COMPACT – Roma Film Night

The celebration of openness and unity
Romedia Foundation invites you to celebrate the International Romani Day by taking part in COMPACT – Roma Film Night, a public event organized by Romedia Foundation.
When: 8 April 2017, 5 pm
Where: Bem Cinema, Budapest, Margit krt. 5.

Each year, Romedia Foundation celebrates the 8th of April, the International Romani Day which symbolizes the unity of the approximately 12 million Romani people who are scattered around the globe. On this day, we introduce to the world the richness of Romani cultural heritage and raise awareness of the social inequalities faced by the Roma people. The event COMPACT – Roma Film Night, a public screening of the film Taikon, focuses on the group left behind of the society, the Roma minority. The documentary Taikon – the Untold Story of a Roma Freedom Fighter paints a dramatic and vivid portrait of one of the most important advocators of human rights in the 20th century Europe setting against the backdrop of the developing Swedish welfare state. Taikon will be screened in Hungary for the first time. The screening will be followed by a roundtable discussion with the participation of Romani experts, who will not only present their experience as filmmakers and professionals but also as members of the Romani minority, who work on a daily basis for the empowerment of young Romani people in their close environments. COMPACT – Roma Film Night is a collateral event of the RomArchive project. RomArchive is devised as a digital archive for the art of the Roma. It aims to become an internationally accessible virtual discursive space that makes the cultures and histories of the Roma visible and responds to recurring stereotypes by a counter-history told by Roma themselves. RomArchive is an ongoing international research project with different sections (film, visual art, performance, music, etc.). COMPACT will be linked to the meeting of Romani filmmakers and experts, who will be involved in the selection process of the film section of the RomArchive. Further information: COMPACT and the selection meeting will be realized with the support of RomArchive “ Digital Archive of the Roma”, Central European Initiative and the Israeli Cultural Institute.


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