„I had everything: good job, good income , good car. It’s just that I forgot where I came from. I faced the reality in connection with the murderers serie against Roma people.I felt I should do something for the Roma.”

„It is important that I can apply my professional expertise in behalf of Roma.”

„I feel that finally I can do something for our community.”

„”For me, one of the biggest success is that one of the participants of the Buvero camp became head of the local minority government.”

„ I’m not Roma, but I have experiences about prejudices and always shocked me that this is an everyday thing against Roma.”

„I have learned that we must love what we have. I understood how fortunate we are because we dont’t have to freeze and starving day after day. Since I work here, I started to understand why our communities are in that situation.”

„ It feels good that I can help others to show their potential. Once, someone showed mines, now it’s my turn.”