Our movement challenges the centuries-old stereotypes about who we are and the image we have in the mainstream media. We collect and present video interviews with Roma women from all around the world to empower ourselves and our communities as we share our experiences, our view of current issues, our vision of the future. We would like to make our voices heard, to bring young Roma women towards taking pride in their Roma identity and ultimately increase their self-confidence. We consider modern communication technologies as an opportunity to build a virtual space for our own self-representation and create a strong, united community. Our own strength ensures that our children can grow up in a more healthy environment, ready to learn and be proud of their identity.


Community work

“Yes, I am very proud to be a Roma woman, I am proud of my heritage, I am proud of my future, I am proud of my children, I am proud of my relatives. (…)”

“I’m a Roma woman” interview featuring MEP Soraya Post – 13th of October, 2014 “The vision behind is that one day in the EP there will be a group of feminist parties. The Romani women have nothing to lose anymore, they can only win.” október 13 “A vízióm mindez mögött az, hogy egy nap az Európai Parlamentnek lesz egy feminista képviselőcsoportja. A roma nőknek nincs vesztenivalójuk, most már csak nyerhetnek.”


“We should also go inside the communities and to ask those women what they really want and what are their problems …”


It is because of our customs that we survived for 2000 years. The costumes, the language, values, Romanipe manifests itself in these.

We should not lose that. We need to know our roots.

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“My biggest dream is to see our children go through college and choose their own careers”


We don’t have our own religion. We take the religion of the place where we live. My mother is Muslim and my father is an Orthodox Christian.


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