A family is brutally separated when their two Germany-born children, Nasmija and Sedat are deported to a squalid Kosovo refugee camp. The father and the older brother, Vedat, remained in Germany, with no means to reverse this terrible fate. Will their desire for reunion prove stronger than the forces that keep them apart? The films tells the story of their exceptional life from 2009 to 2013 from a decrepit airplane hangar in northern Kosovo, with no running water, heating, or proper sanitation to the airplane taking Nasmija to join the rest of his family in Germany where they are now legal residents. The making of the film and the filmmakers themselves are also part of the story: we help the family to keep in touch with each other. We carry their everyday reality, back and forth, through words and images, like some digital age carrier pigeon, delivering messages and documenting reactions.

Jazz Way Out

How to get from the poorest district of Budapest to the biggest New York stages? How to fight prejudice, defeatism and the obstacles of the sad and dark reality? Explore the unique story of a talented Roma musician and his band that get an once-in-a-lifetime chance to ascend. Enter a very special music universe, where the musicians’ creativity is a matter of necessity and survival, a jazz-folk fusion that reflects the harsh reality of everyday struggles with poverty and racism, but also a passion to surmount those obstacles through music (more).