3 Brothers is a story that follows the lives of a separated trio of brothers for several years. They are sons of illiterate refugees from Kosovo who had to leave their home during the war in 1990s. Half of the family was ordered to return to Kosovo in 2009, although the younger children had never been there before, and the father and the oldest brother, Vedat, stayed in Germany. The two younger brothers, Sedat and Nazmija, suddenly ended up together at Prishtina airport in Kosovo, and then at a refugee camp where they saw a life they had never imagined before.

The story follows the changing dynamics of a brotherhood that is breaking down, but is still nourished by the hope of a reunion. To get back to their older brother and their lost lives, Nazmija and Sedat are risking their lives every few months trying to cross the border to Europe in order, according to their feelings, to “go home.”


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