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BUVERO is an innovative, cross border initiative with the purpose to handover journalist skills and expand the access to digital distribution for young roma women.


The Romedia Foundation’s third BUVERO training program was implemented in Hungary and Macedonia in 2015. We intend to further expand the network to the Balkans-area in the future. From the applicants, both Romedia Foundation and the National Roma Centrum of Macedonia chose 12 young Roma women, respectively, to participate in the camps.


This year BUVERO – EXPO consisted of a collaboration between two main organizations: the Romedia Foundation in Hungary and the Galerie Kai Dikhas in Germany with TAK Theater in Aufbau Haus, Berlin. The Roma women cross-cultural network BUVERO – EXPO was set to train a group of 24 girls from Romani communities to produce high quality audiovisual materials and take part in an innovative series of cultural activities.


The first BUVERO training program was implemented in Hungary, Serbia and Germany. The cross-border nature of the project aimed to expand the range of issues addressed by the participants beyond the traditional boundaries of local and national debates. The project also aimed to build a sustainable, cross-border network for self-expression and the exchange of information among participants. In total, 35 Romani girls participated in the program in 3 countries.