Romedia Foundation invited everyone to walk from the Bem Cinema (Budapest, Margit krt. 5, 1027) to the Danube and cast flowers into the river.

On 08 April 2017, it was almost forty-six years to the day that the first World Roma Congress was held in Orpington near London. Since then, the 8th of April has had a special place on the calendar for all Roma as we celebrate International Roma Day. Romani people in Budapest and worldwide have embraced the tradition to “gather at noon to cast flowers into our nearest river, sea, or ocean”. This year, Romedia foundation has gathered together a large group of Roma activists, Roma students, alumni and pro-Roma organizations in Budapest to cast flowers into the Danube.

The celebration of International Romani Day continued with COMPACT-Roma Film Night which took place on 8 of April at the Bem Cinema.