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Katalin Bársony gave a lecture at the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture’s (ERIAC) Barvalipe Online Academy programme. The title of her lecture is ‘(De)constructing Roma Representation in Film. In her lecture, she presented the self-representation of the Roma community in films from the 20th century to the present day.

MARCH 10. 

Katalin Bársony was a speaker at the international conference on „Hate speech and antigypsyism in the media”, organised by the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture (ERIAC).

MARCH 31 – APRIL 30.

The Romedia Foundation has launched a 30-day social media campaign entitled Roma History Month. The campaign raised awareness of International Roma Day and the 50th anniversary of the First World Roma Congress. During the campaign, we presented activists from the First World Roma Congress who have contributed to the fight against the Romani people discrimination and worked for the integration aims of the Roma communities.



The Romedia Foundation on the occasion of the International Roma Day co-organised a ‘Self-Representation of Roma in Documentary Films’ panel discussion with the Documentary Film Institute in Prague. 


MAY 6.

Founder of Romedia, Ágnes Daróczi participated in an online roundtable discussion on the occasion of the Romani Resistance Day on 16 May. The aim of the roundtable was to discuss Roma history, self-definition and the challenges of the digitalisation of Roma communities. The event was entitled Roma Emancipation Visions 1971-2021.


Romedia Foundation published 9 self-produced short films on its social media channels, showcasing international good practices of Roma entrepreneurs. 



Romedia Foundation in cooperation with the Documentation and Culture Centre for German Sinti and Roma organised an international online film festival entitled „We share the same sky”. Our aim was to commemorate the Roma victims of the Holocaust through a film selection. On 1 August, we opened the film festival with an online roundtable discussion where media professionals and filmmakers discussed the importance of filmmaking and cinematic representation in shaping Roma’s history.


The Romedia Foundation co-organised the commemoration of the Roma victims of Pharrajimos at the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Budapest. 



The Romedia Foundation co-organised a Holocaust commemoration and wreath-laying ceremony at the Holocaust Memorial in Budapest.

Our foundation contributed to the 14th Roma Platform and Assembly organised by the European Commission to provide media expertise for the online event and our Executive Director, Katalin Bársony was the Master of Ceremonies of the event.


On the International Human Rights Day, Romedia Foundation organised a film festival to showcase the work of Romani filmmakers and present films about Roma communities