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January – December
Development of the RomArchive’s Film Section.


20th of January
Buvero Alumni Meeting

Romedia Foundation organised a Buvero Alumni meeting where the Buvero Media Camp

participants could meet and share their experiences about how did they benefit in the last three years from the theoretical and practical knowledge and a strong sense of identity which they gained during the camp.

16th of February

Shooting Back Live – 25 years of Romedia Foundation
“Shooting Back Live – 25 years of Romedia Foundation”  took place in the Institute Francais in Budapest. The event was organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Romedia Foundation. In the frame of the event the RomArchive project and the work of the Film Section was also performed.

21-26th of August
BUVERO Roma Women Media Workshop

In 2018 Romedia Foundation held the Buvero Workshop in Szigetbecse, Hungary. 6 young Romani women from all over Hungary got the opportunity to participate. They came tot he workshope eager to learn about what it means to create digital media content



ReOrient Festival, Stockholm
Katalin Bársony had been invited to the ReOrient Festival’s roundtable discussion “The narrative of being Roma in European media and film today”. At the festival, Romedia Foundation presented some of the selected films from the RomArchive Film section. 



1-5th of October
„Freedom From Hate”: In-Person Training with Media Diversity Institution, Budapest

Romedia Foundation implemented a project with the Minority Rights Group Europe. The ”Freedom From hate” project aimed to explore the cyberhate against Romani communities in Europe. Romedia Foundation’s colleagues participated in the training.